Unlike other pottery makers, Soon Seng Pottery based their products solely on natural unprocessed clay. The uniqueness of this approach gives character to the finished products because clay, by it's own nature carry a refine range of textures that is apleasing. By using a few processing techniques perfected by the company, the potteries produced retains most of their natural elements and conditions with added strength to withstand harsh weather and handling. It is less likely to crack and chip due to high fluctuations in temperatures.

Soon Seng Potteries currently specializes in producing gigantic oversized vases of up to six feet and weighing at least 200 kg. The only limit (imposed at 6 feet height) is due to limitations while transporting the finished goods via containers to destinations abroad. There are vases that far surpass the height of 6 feet being made and delivered to various establishments locally. The company can cater for any specific requirements and designs as needed by its clients. All of these products are packed in individually or in crates.